Altered book…

I finally added some drawings to my altered sketch book. Just a few drawings  



 with a charcoal pencil of things around the house, my kids and a class I subbed for. The pages are working well for charcoal and my grease pencil. I am going to try watercolor next. 

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Altered book update

Now it’s books. My wife saw how cool my experiment was going with my altered book and gessoing the pages so she asked for one. I thought that it would be great Christmas present for so I started and extra one for her. Now I’m a little behind due to a bought with a wicked cold but it’s almost done. And since I was finishing mine and making one for her I thought why not get all 3 of my library books done. Here’s what I got:



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Book arts in progress…

I found this book in the free pile at work. It was just sitting there begging to be manipulated into something special. So far I have torn out more than half the pages and glue the other half into doubles. The pages are now strong and thicker. I am now gessoing the pages up, leaving some of the more interesting images on the page. Here is the first page after gesso


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Next Drawings

This is my latest exercise using the One drawing a day.

The book is called One drawing a day but its seems I am doing the one drawing a week. Life with two kids, a great wife, work, and all other things in between seems to take up a lot of time. But I should be really honest and say I am just to plum tired after the day and putting the kids to bed to sit down and draw.  I am adding a new goal to my list while going through this book.

1. Draw faster

2. Let go/don’t think so much while drawing

(New) 3. Try drawing throughout the day.

The Drawings: Both my wife and I drew some oranges while our kids played at the local indoor playground. She didn’t really feel like it but once she saw how much fun I was having she wanted to join in.


Oranges crayons

Jens oranges crayons

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Drawing 7-8

This is my 7th exercise using the One drawing a day.

Using Charcoal, ink and pen I created three portraits of my family members.  Jen (my wife) and Bella (my daughter) and one Jen made of me.  I am really comfortable with the pen, its all I use for everything.  I am a pen snob, its true.  I only use one type of pen: Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen. The gel ink flows out strong and the consistency of the black is quite calming. It is always in my pocket and ready to be clicked.

The drawing of my daughter came pretty easy since I used my pen, the Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen # 5.  It was drawn quickly without any thought. To get Bella to sit still long enough for a drawing is a adventure in itself.

My Drawings: Jen (ink wash with brush, Bella (Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen # 5), Jen (Charcoal on grocery bag)  and Jen’s drawing of me (Charcoal on grocery bag).

*The drawing “Jen (Charcoal on grocery bag)” is missing. The file is corrupt and the actual drawing gone from my desk. I felt it was a really nice drawing so it is sad to have it missing.

Jen 2 Bella 1Me

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Drawing 5-6

This is my 5th & 6th exercise using the One drawing a day.

I have been looking at these exercises as black and white, follow to the t, you must do it like it is written type of assignments and it is frustrating me. I have been through many basic drawing study classes and done a lot of this type of skill building assignments. I want this to be fun, I believe I mentioned this in my last couple of posts, and to learn something about be disciplined. I want to draw freely and without worrying about the outcome. Sometimes I feel I would rather not put any marks on the paper than draw something horrible. As I said in yet another post I want to freely make bad drawings and be ok with it.

Both of these drawing were late at night while my wife am I watch a movie. I used a small bottle of washed out ink and one small brush. The only light I had was from the tv, mostly, and a small light from the kitchen. I also made sure I held the brush near the end so I control was limited and just went with it. And “going with it” is the new way to draw.

My Drawings: On the Couch 1 & 2

On the Couch 1 On the Couch 2

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