A working Philosophy of Art Education

Philosophy of Art Education

My philosophy of  education is based in the Constructivist theory of learning, balancing experiences with our ideas and empowering students to learn. I believe a student that learns self motivating skills will be in better control of his/her education, and  those experiences will be transferred into life outside of the classroom. The goal of my classroom is to make a safe, secure, learning environment for all. Learning should be in the hands of the student, but it takes good leadership for the students to be motivated.
“Constructivism gives the students a lot of responsibility for their learning. It takes into account that not all students learn at the same pace. It offers challenges for excelling students in that they get to choose how far they go with assignments. Constructivism encourages creativity and self-reflection in the learning process. It gets them ready for life. The students learn independence with the teacher simply being the facilitator over the process.” Shawna Spencer Graceland University

I aim to differentiate my classroom so all abilities and learning styles have the same chance to learn. Every lesson I implement is diversified as much as possible so that all leaners have a chance to learn in the best way possible. Through humor and creativity I will strive to create an educational setting that is fun and exciting to all.  I believe is creating an atmosphere that is open, safe, and fun where any issue can be discussed, every voice can and will be heard, and all should feel welcome.
In a classroom with an environment of safe and open learning, students can start developing empathy towards others. My classroom will foster this environment at the start of the course and will be maintained for the duration the school year. There are so many critical moments in a school day that can change a student’s mind on how safe the classroom is and how effective the teacher’s leadership is. Being a safety manager is a major part of my job.
I will attempt to have every class time, discussion, and critique sensitive to all cultures, ethnicities and view points. I will incorporate all of these qualities in examples, lessons and historical discussion throughout the year. School is the time where young minds learn to be adults through their experiences and through direction from adult figures. I aim to be a positive influence to my students to nurture this growth in art and beyond. My goal is to secure the future beyond my classroom by raising creative, thoughtful, self-motivated adults ready for the world.
My role as a teacher is not just passing along my knowledge of the arts and its processes, but to assist students in becoming life long learners. With technology growing faster every passing year and the job force’s necessity for creative minds, I need to prepare students to be competitive in the world to come.  I will incorporate the newest and latest techniques in the arts so that my students are well prepared for the world we live in.
My learning as an educator has not stopped; I am dedicated to furthering my education to give as much as I can to my students. I will do this with ongoing professional development seminars, courses in new and effective teaching styles and new processes in technology in art. I will have endless resources to learn and continue to grow as a teacher. I teach because teaching is what makes me feel full of purpose and joy.

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