BFA Show 2009

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Artist Statement

Spring 2009

In my work, I am looking into spirituality of the Christian faith for answers. Answers to the question I have been thinking over for some time now about sin and pain and what does it mean to be a Christian artist. I also wonder why are so many religions similar in their core beliefs in this current world?

In “Prayer Apples”, I am asking for forgiveness on the generational curse brought down from Adam and Eve’s original sin, the biting of the forbidden. I spend my time with the apple and biting it, as was done in the Bible. Never eating it. I then pray over it in a physical way fixing the apples as an offering of forgiveness. In “Five Wounds of Christ” I use wood and tear it, with a great deal of difficulty, to understand, with my pain, the pain afflicted onto Christ during his last walk. With my tearing of the wood I then place it onto the board to represent my sorrow.

As I grow as an artist and also grow as a Christian, the work that I do will be in glory to God. I seek to dismantle the clichés of Christian art that has perpetuated stereotypes. And add a positive voice of faith into of the mainstream art world.

About Mr Ward

Art Educator
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