I was going through some old paper work and came across these two awards I received in High School. I am very proud of both of them. I believe I have a photograph of me at space camp. I have some great memories of my trip to Huntsville, Al: I saw my first corner preacher, ate to many sausage links and chocolate milk one morning, and Strawberry drinks cannot stay in their container with just back pressure (blowing back in the juice box).
Mom mom said she would cover the cost of the plane ticket if I found a way to get the money for the camp, I paid my why with a paper route for a whole year. I dont even think kids can get paper routes anymore. I only see adults driving around in cars, how do young kids get money now a days?
As for award from Palos Park award, I put a photograph in a juried show and won the scholarship award. It paid for my first semesters books and lamp for my dorm, can’t beat that. I am unsure if I ever thanked them for that award, well I am right now: Thank you, Palos Park Fine Arts Associations, I truly did appreciated it.

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