Bookbinding is for Everyone

Sometimes I sit down and think I am going to make something to help others learn more about crafting their own artworks. A learning tool or handbook they can reference, that is easy to follow and not overwhelming. I did just this awhile back with bookbinding when a student of mine was showing some interest for one of her projects. I went searching the interweb for ideas and basics and found this.

 Booklyn’s ED Manual

The manual is easy and fun. It has just the basics that I think a lot of people want and can use. It also has a couple of simple lesson plans to go with each technique. I am going to see what I can come up with and share them along this post soon. Let me know if you make anything as well.


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3 Responses to Bookbinding is for Everyone

  1. Drew Kail says:

    Thanks for the great resource.

    • Mr Ward says:

      Your welcome. I checked out your woodcuts and I really like them. Is you studio in your home, it seemed like it from the pics? I see you use the bathtub, I have used the tub so many times developing film but have not ventured to the printmaking at home yet.

      • Drew Kail says:

        My studio is a small room that I share with my wife Alyssa, who is a fiber artist. Someday I’ll have a proper print shop, but for now I’m trying to perfect the maximization of limited space to create. Interesting that you use the tub to develop film. I haven’t thought of that.

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