When is a Art Finished

This is an age old question most artists would admit plagues them from time to time. When is a piece of art work done? I can name at least 5-8 pieces in the last 8 years that still effect this way. I go over and over in my head of  where it “was” and not what it ended up as. One sculpture that I keep mulling over in my head was fabricated while I was in school for my BFA. I felt I hit a nice spot were less was more but I talked myself out of it and reworked it to a very dissatisfying point. The photos above are the only ones I have of the project, they are the wax mold of a man I made out of putar. I recently set it out to pasture and am starting the healing .

Someone told me a story one once I thought would be perfect for this. A bunch of 1st grade teachers were sitting around talking. Their conversation was about how bad their kids art work looked and how great Mrs. Anderson’s kids work was. Just then Mrs. Anderson walked in so they asked her how she got the kids to make such beautiful paintings unlike the brown mush their kids make. She looked at at them and said “I know when to take them away from them.”

Susan Boyes an Art Therapist who’s blog I follow reflects on a this idea and a story from her past.

Art Heals: How Do We Know When a Piece of Art is Finished?—>


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