Drawing 3

This is my 3rd exercise using the One drawing a day.

Wooden Drawing penAs I said in the last post I needed a bamboo pen to draw with and I could not find one. I even looked for some decorative bamboo I could commandeer and carve into a pen. There was no bamboo to be found but I did find some dried sticks in the garage that had the same feel as bamboo. I carved it with my utility knife and made one side a thin point and the other a flatter angled stump. It worked great but I need to tweet the thicker end to hold a little more ink (add an ink well).

Drawing 6 (Bathroom Plant) – Drawing 7 (Self Portrait)

Bathroom PlantSelf Portrait






My two biggest concerns so far are; I am way too tight in my drawing and really need to loosen up. Before I sketch the next couple of drawings I might want to do some gesture drawings on bigger paper. And I am putting too much pressure on this project. Every page states that this is an exercise and I am treating it like a final for my thesis.

Goals for myself for the next exercise: Loosen up and relax.


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