Drawing 5-6

This is my 5th & 6th exercise using the One drawing a day.

I have been looking at these exercises as black and white, follow to the t, you must do it like it is written type of assignments and it is frustrating me. I have been through many basic drawing study classes and done a lot of this type of skill building assignments. I want this to be fun, I believe I mentioned this in my last couple of posts, and to learn something about be disciplined. I want to draw freely and without worrying about the outcome. Sometimes I feel I would rather not put any marks on the paper than draw something horrible. As I said in yet another post I want to freely make bad drawings and be ok with it.

Both of these drawing were late at night while my wife am I watch a movie. I used a small bottle of washed out ink and one small brush. The only light I had was from the tv, mostly, and a small light from the kitchen. I also made sure I held the brush near the end so I control was limited and just went with it. And “going with it” is the new way to draw.

My Drawings: On the Couch 1 & 2

On the Couch 1 On the Couch 2


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