Drawing 4

This is my 4th exercise using the One drawing a day.

In this exercise I was assigned to watch a video and when paused draw what I see using vine charcoal. I decided to watch a video of a live concert from Reverend Horton Heat and use the screen capture tool on my computer. After a several attempts of blurry captures I opted to use a photograph from that concert.

The two important lesson to be learned from this exercise was that models can be anywhere at anytime when needed. TV, videos, the internet, photographs all can be used when live models cannot. And to learn how to loosen up, which was one of my goals for myself. I really enjoyed doing this and am happy with the outcome.

Drawing 8 (Reverend Horton Heat)

Reverend Horton Heat

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Drawing 3

This is my 3rd exercise using the One drawing a day.

Wooden Drawing penAs I said in the last post I needed a bamboo pen to draw with and I could not find one. I even looked for some decorative bamboo I could commandeer and carve into a pen. There was no bamboo to be found but I did find some dried sticks in the garage that had the same feel as bamboo. I carved it with my utility knife and made one side a thin point and the other a flatter angled stump. It worked great but I need to tweet the thicker end to hold a little more ink (add an ink well).

Drawing 6 (Bathroom Plant) – Drawing 7 (Self Portrait)

Bathroom PlantSelf Portrait






My two biggest concerns so far are; I am way too tight in my drawing and really need to loosen up. Before I sketch the next couple of drawings I might want to do some gesture drawings on bigger paper. And I am putting too much pressure on this project. Every page states that this is an exercise and I am treating it like a final for my thesis.

Goals for myself for the next exercise: Loosen up and relax.

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Drawing 2

This is my 2nd exercise using the One drawing a day.

Drawing 3 (Jen as Blossom) – This drawing is an exploration in the variation of line using pen and ink. I used 4 different nid sizes to vary the thickness of the line and undiluted Indian ink. I am being too safe in my drawings and need to let go and allow the line/ink do what it can. The human form is elegant and soft like the blanket she is wrapped up in. I drew her almost like a planar or CAD drawing. I need to let go and loosen up.

Drawing 5 (Watching the Avengers) – This is a sketch I did a couple of days ago while watching a movie with the family. It does not fit into the exercise but I liked how it turned out.

The next drawing needs to be done with a bamboo pen. Not sure if I have one and there is no real good art supply store around here so I will need to improvise.

Jen as BlossomWatching Avengers

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Drawing 1

This is my first exercise using the One drawing a day.

Drawing 1 (Hot tub) – This is an exploration in sketching and using a pen. Near completion a drip of water fell down from the ceiling and made the ink run down the page. I felt the water and the pen made a nice watercolor effect. I started using the water collecting on the glass table next to me and this is what happened. I believe these exercises are meant to get me drawing and thinking art. And are not too particular about following the rules. The two most important things are, I had drew and had fun.

Drawing 2 (Unfinished Catan) – My family play an excessive about of Settlers of Catan and since I lack the enthusiasm for the game I decided to watch and draw. I do feel I was focusing to much on the details and less on the freeing on my hand and eyes. I need to allow myself to let go and lose myself in the drawing itself. The first few exercises have mentioned just this in their explanation, I better start listening.

This is going to be a lot of fun.Unfinished CatanDrawing 1



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One Drawing a Day

Like a lot of artists after years of school and school projects you tend to get yourself in a rut. It’s like you forget how to create visual works without someone telling you the parameters of the assignment. You might ask yourself “You mean I have to come up with something all on my own?”  I was in one of those ruts.

So I went to my local library and perused the Arts and Crafts section and grabbed this book: One Drawing A Day: A 6-Week Course Exploring Creativity with Illustration and Mixed Media by Veronica Lawlor. It sat on my shelf for a few months. I even renewed it several times before opening it up. I felt that is might be worth reading.

I was on the lookout for something to do artistically and here it was.  Over the next 6 weeks I will be creating over 42+ drawings using different mediums (Pen, ink, pencil, watercolors, mixed media, etc…). I will take notes to see what and how I can incorporate any of this into some of my lesson plans for teaching. I am excited to start sketching again.

Check out the blog that goes with the book: Onedrawingaday.com/

One Drawing a Day


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When is a Art Finished

This is an age old question most artists would admit plagues them from time to time. When is a piece of art work done? I can name at least 5-8 pieces in the last 8 years that still effect this way. I go over and over in my head of  where it “was” and not what it ended up as. One sculpture that I keep mulling over in my head was fabricated while I was in school for my BFA. I felt I hit a nice spot were less was more but I talked myself out of it and reworked it to a very dissatisfying point. The photos above are the only ones I have of the project, they are the wax mold of a man I made out of putar. I recently set it out to pasture and am starting the healing .

Someone told me a story one once I thought would be perfect for this. A bunch of 1st grade teachers were sitting around talking. Their conversation was about how bad their kids art work looked and how great Mrs. Anderson’s kids work was. Just then Mrs. Anderson walked in so they asked her how she got the kids to make such beautiful paintings unlike the brown mush their kids make. She looked at at them and said “I know when to take them away from them.”

Susan Boyes an Art Therapist who’s blog I follow reflects on a this idea and a story from her past.

Art Heals: How Do We Know When a Piece of Art is Finished?—>

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Wind Dancers

Just simply beautiful.
Magic Carpet – Daniel Wurtzel

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